Stoppil water dispenser

The dosage of water is essential in order to have a consistent recipe in your blender. It also saves a lot of time and effort carrying water into the mixer.

We offer a very complete range of electronic dispensers both in terms of functionality and presentation.
These water dispensers are intended for artisan bakers and pastry chefs.

Water cooler

Controlling the water temperature is essential in order to have a constant recipe throughout the year. A variable water temperature causes a variation in the dough used and varies the result and quality of the finished product. The water chiller will give you control over your water temperature and your product will therefore maintain its quality no matter the time of year.

The water coolers are made up of an insulated double-circuit enclosure which accumulates significant cold, by the formation of ice, in the water in the tank, which serves as a heat transfer liquid. The cold temperatures are transmitted to the water circulating in the coil, intended for the kneader or for any other manufacturing.